The Secret behind successful Entrepreneurs

There was young son of a farmer came to samurai asking to be trained in swordsmanship. “I have watched you carefully”, you seems to be the master in the art yourself. before taking you on as a pupil I request to tell me what Master you studied under”

The farmer son replied, “I have never studied the art under anyone”

You cannot feel me said the samurai. “I have a discerning eye and it never fails”

“I do not mean to contradict your excellency”, said the guard, “but I really do not know anything about fencing”.

The teacher engaged the man in swordplay for a few minutes then stopped and said, “since you say you have never learnt the art, I take your word for it, But you are some kind of master. tell me about yourself”

“This is one thing” said the young men. “When I was a child I was told by a samurai that a man should never fear death. I therefore struggled with the question of death till it ceases to cause me the slightest anxiety.

“So that’s what it is, the ultimate secret of swordsmanship lies in being free from the fear of death”.

Similarly the ultimate secret of entrepreneurship lies in being free from the fear of failure. you need to training, no incubation, acceleration programs. You are a master of your own destiny.

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VashramBhai ki Hatdi

The word ‘Hatdi’ or हाटड़ी , finds its mention in the tales of Diwali narrated in the pooja in Sindhi Communities.
Making of Hatdi is a seasonal craft and happens only during the occasion of Diwali. Last year, around the time of the festival I spent some time with a potter community in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. I was curious to document the making of this craft.


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