The Motivation

we often make efforts to motivate our team members. Many times we promise a bright future for the company and the individual.

There was a Dhabi. He had a donkey which was doing, as usual, all the donkey work. The donkey was totally fed up, tired and frustrated with his life. He was just waiting to quit.

One day this donkey net another Dhobi’s donkey at the ghat. They started talking. The first donkey expressed his total dissatisfaction with his life.

The second donkey said, “Look I was also totally frustated like you. There was no motivation in my life. But the last week my master said something which made me believe, that I had a bright future. He was very upset with his daughter and shouted at her in a very angry voice if you do not mend your ways, I will get you married to our donkey Now there is something for me to look forward to. I believe that I have a bright future.

Now whenever I listen to bright future and motivation talks, a smile comes on my face as this story immediately comes to my mind

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