The Entrepreneurial Mindset

A man who was ones travelling, accidentally entered paradise. The Indian concept of paradise says that there are wish fulfilling tree. Anyone who sits underneath them and desires anything has his wish immediately fulfilled. There are no gaps between the desire and its fulfilment. One thinks and immediately the thought realises itself as if to happen automatically.

The man was tired. He fell asleep under a wish fulfilling trees. When he woke up he felt very hungry. He looked around and said, “I wish I could get some food from somewhere”. Immediately food appeared out of nowhere. Floating in the air, the delicious food came up to him. He immediately started eating it. When his hunger was satisfied, he thought, “if only I could get something to drink…”, Immediately precious wine appeared. Drinking the wine and relaxing in the cool breeze of paradise under the shades of the tree, he started wondering, “what is this happening? have I fallen into a dream? or are there some ghosts around here playing tricks on me?” And ghost appeared!. They were ferocious, horrible. The men started trembling and thought, “Now I am sure to be killed. These ghosts are going to kill me” and he was killed.

This is an ancient parable of immense significance for Entrepreneur. Your mind is the wishful thinking Whatever you think is sooner or later fulfilled. Most of the times the gap between your thinking and the fulfilment of the wish is such that you have completely forgotten that you had desired it in the first place. According to our religious sculptures, sometimes the gap is of years and sometimes of lives. So you can’t connect the dots. But if you watch yourself deeply you will find it is your thoughts that are creating you and your life. They create your hell and your heaven. They create your misery and your joy. They create the negative things that happen with you, the create the positive. Everybody is a magician, spinning and weaving a magic world around him.irritated and build with his thoughts. and then he is caught! The spider is caught in his own web!.

Once you understand this, things start changing. Then you can play around with your thoughts and change your hell into heaven it is just a question of painting it with a different vision. or if you quite in love with misery you can create as much of it as you want, to your heart content But then you should never complain, because you know its your own creation, your own painting. You should not hold anybody responsible for it, Now the entire responsibility is yours.

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