Solving the Problem …

A man invited Nasrudin to go hunting with him, but mounted him on a horse which was slow. The Mulla said nothing. Soon hunt outpaced him and was out of sight. It began to rain heavily through. As soon as the rain started, Nasrudin took off all his clothes and folded them. Then he sat on the pile. As soon as the rain stopped, he dressed himself and went back to his host’s house for lunch. Nobody could work out why he was dry. With all the speed of their horses they had not been able to reach shelter on that plain.

“It was the horse you gave me”- said Nasrudin.

The next day he was given a fast horse and his host took the slow one. Rain fell again. The house was so slow that the host got wetter that ever, riding at a small’s pace to his house. Nasrudin carried out the same procedure as before.

When he got back to the house he was dry

“It was all your fault !” shouted his host. “You made me ride this terrible horse”

“Perhaps, ” said Nasrudin, “you did not contribute anything of your own to the problem of keeping dry”

As Nasrudin, we entrepreneur need to be things of our own to the problem of keeping dry, when we are faced with problems of scaling a startups

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VashramBhai ki Hatdi

The word ‘Hatdi’ or हाटड़ी , finds its mention in the tales of Diwali narrated in the pooja in Sindhi Communities.
Making of Hatdi is a seasonal craft and happens only during the occasion of Diwali. Last year, around the time of the festival I spent some time with a potter community in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. I was curious to document the making of this craft.


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