Selling Aspirations


Consumers who seek a more sustainable way of life are growing each day. Pressures on natural resources and climate change are growing. Conscious consumption. Low carbon footprint. Zero waste lifestyle. The sustainable living movement is now a mainstream market.


The coming of the global pandemic has altered lifestyles in a flash. Marketers benefit the most every time

 our society sees a collective change. Curating the new normal, cashing on the buzzwords, and re-framing aspirations. They re-frame what “The Ideal Life” looks like! They create product stories. They create an urgency. They excite consumers, who want to see change, who are one among the change-makers.



There are benefits that come with privilege!


Aspiration in the buzzwords give your brand an instant leeway among your competitors. Your product jumps to the top racks in retail stores. A minor tweak in packaging and BOOM! Add another hundred bucks to the product cost. The good part, –the consumer trusts you more now.


The marketer’s use of ambiguous terminology plays with the layman’s brains.


Why do they do it?

– So that they don’t come across as liars, and still achieve their sustainable profits.


Many factors add to the use of aspirational selling as a marketing technique. Let me explain the top three factors you ALL might notice in products you pick from the shelf in an instant.


  • Aspirational imagery
  • Ambiguous terminology or scientific jargon
  • Story building


Lets understand how to observe the above pointers. We will also see how they manipulate our conscious consumption.


Example: Pure Cow Ghee

Cow is a holy animal in India. Using the cow’s image on the packaging sends instant subconscious messages to our brain. These messages relate to ambiguous terminology. Purity, Natural, and Organic even without the brand quoting this word to word. Marketers drive these messages using the art of advertisement and project ambiguous stories.


In an advertisement, the family feeds their newborn baby with pure cow ghee in the hospital. There is no exchange of words. An assuring look among the members and the video ends.




<<Let me give you another visual as an example!

<<This time you tell how is the image influencing you.

<<List your thoughts.

<<List the keywords that come to your mind while you look at it.





What a stark statement is that visual making! -So many triggers, without TALKING ANYTHING about the product. These techniques are enough to glorify the new normal consumption. A ‘one size fit all technique’ to almost all industries that sell!


“Influence, Persuade, and Sell in any Situation now with XYZ online learning.”

(-in case you were wondering how marketers sell themselves to brands!)


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