Crafts and Craftsmen, the New Age Product

Marketing Inadequacy-
It means making potential customers feel inadequate and insecure. Using this as a persuasive technique they influence you to buy products. And show that they solve your problems.
Why does this matter to anyone not in marketing? -It matters.
Because advertising has shaped our culture and identities. Changed our lifestyle more than any other cultural force in the last century. Marketers can sell anything. Even services that have been part of our lifestyle or traditions.
Consider how Airbnb has made hosting guests a business and how it had commodified the act of hosting. Hosting and honoring our guest is something we grew up with as a tradition. My elders told me stories of hosting guests often. Little things they would do each day. They would cook an extra meal, lay an extra mattress each day, all in expectation of a guest and the spirit of hosting. With time, it evolved into having a guest room in our houses; and now it is a taxable service, served to us as an experience. An experience to live in remote areas, with best facilities, with or without a host.
CRAFTS and CRAFTSMEN are the new age products to cash on. Our society has evolved with the intervention of capitalistic manufacturers and marketers.
Capitalism works by allotting resources to fulfill everyone’s needs and demands. In a capitalist system, it becomes easy to feed into everyone’s vulnerabilities. To promote their worst fears and remind them that they lack the capacity to survival. Once marketers establish their created myths in the society, it becomes profitable. They set new and premium sounding labels, to promote a culture of demand and consumption.
After all, we look at craftsmen as a community who need a savior! And people only buy something if they believe it will make them the hero, as they solve the problem.

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